Real People. Real Stories.

Are you one of the thousands of people who have been hurt, shunned or felt judged by the church?

Have you sworn to never step foot in a church building again?

If that’s the case, this place is for you.

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The people we meet and the stories they share are remarkable. These stories pierce the heart, make you gasp and make you cry, but there’s a champion on the other side of brokenness and pain. These stories are worth hearing because they are full of hope and truth. ”

— Barb Marshall

What We’re About

Loving real people with real hurts, ya know, like Jesus.

Regardless of where a person is or has been, (trust us we’ve seen and heard it all) there is a God bigger than any tragedy or circumstance. This ministry was born because hope was found in the pit of desperation and pain. Every one of us here has overcome something we never thought possible, like addiction, eating disorders, pornography, abortion, rape, sex trafficking, etc. I’m sure you’re getting the point, overcomers of some real tough stuff. There have been times when we felt judged and completely humiliated, broken beyond repair and completely done with the church… . Learn More About Us

“I can’t thank you enough for being my mentor and helping me grow spiritually. This is changing me and the way I see my life. Thank you for having faith in me and patience and guiding me through this journey. You are a wonderful person and a great teacher. ”

— Judi

[Real love for real people.]

“Appearing on your show … was such a blessing! Your heart was so tender and compassionate toward me all during this experience… I am now 15 months into my recovery from debilitating depression. You, Janice, and your crew, helped make this experience on your show a warm and safe environment where I could share my testimony. All of you hold a very special place in my heart that I will cherish for a lifetime. ”

— Debra M. Gilly