Plan B is Not an Option

Plan B Takes Faith Out of Prayer

Have you ever wondered why it seems like there are more miracles in Africa than there are in the United States? The answer is much simpler than you might think. Most people in Africa do not have a Plan B when they pray. They pray first for their needs and have faith God will answer.

Here are some examples.

  • “God, please remove my headache.” But in the back of your mind you’re thinking about taking an aspirin, just in case.
  • “God, please heal my marriage.” But you will not work on what God reveals.
  • “God, please help us out financially.” But in the mean time you have your credit card ready, in case it is needed.

This was the case for me last week. I knew there was not enough money to pay our bill due on production day. I prayed for favor, prayed for the money to roll in and for God to provide; but just in case, I brought our LYLM’s credit card.

The morning of production we were short $357. So when it was time to write the check, I heard Holy Spirit say write it for the full amount. Instead, I chose to write the check for what was in the bank and put the remainder on the credit card.  I chose my Plan B instead having faith.

I learned a valuable lesson that day. Because we use the card so seldom, the card company thought it was fraudulent, and declined the charge, and called us within minutes. With a short phone call the card was quickly reinstated. That is the moment I realized GOD was saying “no” to Plan B. We wrote the check for the full amount testified to the director that God wanted us to do it this way which I am sure he was surprised in how we came about the decision. In the end God provided and it all worked out.

Last Saturday there was a similar situation and, again, a small voice inside me said to get rid of Plan B. After years of believing I should always have a Plan B, I cut up the card up and shredded it. I felt God’s peace come in and now, to only be able to rely on God is where God wants me to be, and you, too.

The next day a ministry partner generously gave us what was needed. God answered! His provision was another blessing.

Plan B stands for ‘blockage.’ Blockage is due to unbelief. God wants to answer your prayers and help you. But you have to be willing to let go of Plan B, to have faith and trust Him fully.

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