Expect the Best

It is so easy to get frustrated with life. Yet, in all your circumstances God will provide your each and every need.

Last week, late at night with the first rain of the season, my sister-in-law fell asleep at the wheel of her pick-up. The next thing she knew, she found herself spiraling down a ravine. After two rolls in her pick-up, she was thrown out of the vehicle into blackberry bushes. Her pick-up tumbled all the way down the ravine.

Waking up from being unconscious, Beth found herself in blackberry bushes and experiencing a great deal of pain. She realized it was going to be a rough night, knowing no one knew where she was.

Beth tried to move but with a broken neck, three broken ribs, a fractured skull, a cut in her heel, and hole in the back of her head, but movement of any kind proved to be difficult and painful. The pitch black rainy night did not help the situation. Upon awakening, she found the blanket that was holding the amplifiers in her car right next to her. As she covered up for the night, her biggest fear was the danger from mountain lions in the area. Still, there was this amazing peace that surrounded her on this rainy, cold, very long night. The next day, as she tried to wave a plastic bag close to her to the road above, people noticed her. The ambulance took her to the hospital and she was flown to the trauma center in Santa Rosa, CA.

When I saw her that night. I did not recognize her. It is kind of a choking feeling when you see such a special woman in such bad shape.

The following week was very hard. Her mom and I kept getting more blackberry leaves and thorns out of her hair. Three days after the accident she coughed up gum that was in her throat for three days. Just the gum could have killed her. Beth is going to be in a long recovery.

Looking back, there was miracle after miracle. The blanket right next to her when Beth’s pick-up went all the way to the bottom of the ravine; no mountain lions showed up; a birthday present that became her pillow for the night – and gum in her throat for three days that didn’t choke her; people found her off the road the next morning.

Beth called me yesterday and was able to talk as they had just moved her to a rehab and is improving every day.

There are two approaches to trouble in your life. Expect the best or dwell on the worst. Looking back at Elizabeth’s accident, God was there every step of the way. When you know God is with you it brings a peace that surpasses all understanding. God provides comfort and guides you through your trials. Even if it is in the midst of hard times, you still can expect the best and count your blessings in it.

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