Be Strong & Courageous

“Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”  – Joshua 1:9

Living successfully and in abundance is what most people hope for, but few will realize this accomplishment.  Being in ‘survival mode’ seems the way of life and is more common than you realize. Choosing to live in success -making the choice to do so- is what most people never do. I believe it is easier than you think. I will share with you the first of three steps to help you create “Strategies For Successful Living.”

Step into New Territory

Joshua a former slave, spy, and desert survivor of almost forty years was Moses right hand man. When Moses died, Joshua stepped into the leadership position. Joshua entered into new territory. Joshua started his new position with about three million Jews, an enemy that was prepared to fight and a walk into the Promised Land. God told Joshua three times: “Be strong and courageous.

Each day is a gift and a new opportunity. Each day is a chance to start living more for the purpose that Jesus has for you. Your focus is to be on success instead of defeat. The first step to success is to step into new territory and allow yourself to take a risk.

Pattern Yourself After Someone Whom You Admire

As I child I saw a movie with Sophia Lauren. The way she presented herself was classy, stylish and well dressed. I choose to follow her example and to take care of myself and look my best every day. The other example that touched my life was Corrie Ten Boom (I never met Corrie). She was a prisoner in the concentration camp Auschwitz during the Second World War. After the war she shared all over the world God’s love and forgiveness.

Who has left and impact on you? Who do you admire? Is there someone in your life that is a great example to you? That encourages you to step out and live a successful life. That is the person whom you should pattern yourself after.

Joshua’s example was Moses, a leader who loved God, Who lived fully for God. Moses was not worried about what others said about him. He followed God and those that followed him were blessed because he did.

Know that God is Already There

For Joshua the land ahead was full of mountains and well trained military forces ready to fight. Joshua had full confidence in God, and knew the victory that God would give them.  Joshua focused on what God had done in the past and knew without any doubt that God could do it again. God was already at work ahead of Joshua, where he was going next.

You will have to take steps you have never taken before. Pray about it and write down the next steps you need to take to start living your life with success. Setup yourself for success and commit to succeed; accept nothing less. It will take commitment and perseverance on your part, but YOU CAN DO IT!

When God calls you, He will open the doors. Remember that God is on your side He is with you as well as ahead of you and knows where you are going next. God will help you.

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