Going Dutch for Christmas

I just love the holiday season… the warmth of friends and family, the sense of togetherness and care, that perfect feeling of joy and coziness. In fact, the best way to describe it is “gellezig.”

Gellezig is a Dutch word that doesn’t have a direct English translation, but can best be described as that cozy contentment you get deep inside when life may not be perfect, but everything else somehow just is, that wonderful feeling you may get after eating a wonderful dinner with loved ones or just sitting in front of the fire reading a good book. For me, it’s best defined as the Christmas season.

It doesn’t have to do with the presents; it has to do with family and friends. It truly is a time of thanksgiving and appreciating just how fortunate we are to have these people in our lives. I am just so blessed as a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, student, and friend and could not be more grateful.

What do the holidays mean to you? What makes your holidays perfect?

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