Human Trafficking: Closer to Home Than You Know…

I have been aware of this ugly underworld in other countries, but not until recently did I find this to be an issue so close to home! Recently, a guest on my show shared the disconcerting story of human trafficking, right here in the United States.

Can you even imagine this? We tend to be too busy to even want to think or worry about issues like human trafficking. After all, it doesn’t seem possible that something so horrific could be going on anywhere near your neighborhood, right?

How do you feel about human trafficking?

What can you do to make a difference?

Are you willing to stand up for the cause?

For more information, visit Kathi Macias’ site and also see what The Salvation Army is doing to eradicate human trafficking. Let’s all prayerfully consider how we can be part of the solution and then get involved!

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