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Ukiahan Barbara Marshall spoke last year in her Netherlands home on a program with about 300,000 viewers. In the Fall, she will be traveling there again to speak in a church. It was in May that Barbara spoke on national television as part of the Christian inspirational program, Hour of Power (a nationally syndicated program produced by The Reverend Robert Schuller, and broadcast from the Crystal Cathedral in Anaheim). The program airs on Sunday mornings and has a portion where the Dutch host, Jan Van De Bosh, interviews people who have an inspired message and have touched the lives of others. Barbara was interviewed about overcoming her past eating disorder, the trials and joy of mar­riage, and about her experience emigrating from Holland back in 1987. They also were able to discuss her nonprofit organization called Thrive in Christ based here in Ukiah, through which she has had the opportunity to speak to groups throughout the state and plans to go nationwide. The last question of the interview was when she was asked what she missed most about Hol­land. Her response was quick and without hesitation, “Coffee!” She explained, “Dutch coffee is more than a drink in a cup—it is a time for gathering, socializing, and reconnecting with those we share our lives with, whether in work, home, or play.” For more information, you can reach her at 707-489-3722 or her mailing address is P.O. Box 1938, Ukiah, California 95482; her Web site: www.barbaratmarshall.com or e-mail her at barb@barbaramarshall.com. In March, she will be speaking on television in Lake County for about 2,000 viewers.

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