Nothing is Impossible with God

Nothing is Impossible with God

The evil and darkness in this world is becoming louder and stronger and it is more and more clear we are living in the days of Noah. It is a scary time that we live in. God showed me that even in the midst of so much evil and darkness there is light. It is the light that is the main point of focus when it is dark. There is victory in Jesus.

During the July production of The Barb Marshall Show hearts were touched deeply by all who were present. Our topics included: the presence of GOD, human trafficking, deliverance from the Santería occult, and overcoming the most painful obstacles of kidnapping, rape, and the aftermath of abortion.

Satan uses tactics like painful experiences as obstacles in your life to hold on to you, to numb you, hold you back and to keep you from the purpose God has given you. Overcoming the obstacle to living a joyful life in Christ was how God transformed each guest and made them a shining beacon for all those around them in His love.

Key to walking away from hardship (the obstacle) is to be in His presence. This is not just prayer, meditation, or Bible reading. It is learning to be quiet and hear His voice; to experience the power of God in your life.

With all the noise of the world and around us it is hard to hear. How do you do this? Our Love Life Today Events will be having workshops to teach and help you create your own plan to live the abundant live that God wants to give you.

Do you want to become much more alert about how the enemy works in your surroundings?

Join us:

  • September 12 – LYLM Annual Celebration with Dr. Fobbs (more info)
  • October 3 – Adventures in Prayer, a LLT event featuring Michelle Ule (details to follow)
  • November 7 – Learning to Be in HIS Presence, a LLT workshop featuring Barb Marshall (details to follow)

The benefits are huge. A cleansed heart, letting go of your real fears, peace, deeper prayer life, seeing your surroundings with clarity, learning how to pray for those around you with God’s lead, becoming aware of the evil around you, awareness of Gods protection, and ready for Jesus Christ’s return.

God longs to move all the lines that the enemy shoots at you out of your life so you can experience his real hope, joy, and hope love and hope. God working through you will be a light in a dark world.

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