Together We are Transforming the Nation

Thank you so much for your generosity in2015. Your prayers and partnership have helped us to start 2016 inspired.

The de-churched are hurting and hungry for real stories bringing answers with real solutions.

Because of your support, even more struggling Christians and truth seekers are able to see our TV broadcasts and connect with us by phone, email, and letters and created as we speak our online community. Some blessings of this year included:

  • A lady after watching our show led another to Christ by learning form us in how to do this.
  • A grandfather called in for prayer the night before his young grandson needed heart surgery and God healed him overnight and surgery was not needed.
  • A women in distress was comforted when her husband was missing for two weeks.

The nation is hungry for truth and wants real answers to their struggles.

In 2015 your gifts also helped develop new resources. Your gifts provided a new beginning of the LYLM community to help the dechurched and unchurched to learn about Jesus and to equip them to be sent out with the gospel.

Of course, the challenges and spiritual battles in this country are huge. I ask that you continue to pray for us. I am seeing GOD use the current situation of the 10,000 average that leave the church each month to connect with them through the BarbTV Show, our events and our new online community to bring them in contact with prayer, each other, and the LYLM community. With our new resource page we long to equip, built and disciple the dechurched.

Opportunities to reach the many dechurched for Christ are more now than ever before! I personally want to thank you for all you have done for us and the dechurched – and for all you will continue to do.

In Christ’s Love for the Nations,

Barb Marshall

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