Desperation Meets Destiny

Desperation Meets Destiny

When my dear friend Sonia Hassey shared on my show her incredible demand of wanting to meet with God she was serious. Her life has never been the same. I know that her story will touch you the way it did me. Not only that, but you too can have that personal relationship with God, too. If you would like to start that journey with God and find out more having a relationship with God, check out our resource below:

Sonia Hassey

When desperation met destiny for me was the day I realized I couldn’t live my life in torment any longer. I literally cried out to God and said, ‘I will not leave the floor until you speak to me!’  I literally cried from the deepest part of my misery.  It felt as though my heart was bleeding. As I lay there begging God to say something to me, I absolutely felt nor heard anything. Four hours after lying flat on the floor face down, I mustered up all the strength that I had left to get up and go to bed. I walked away more heart-broken than ever!

A new day had arrived, and I forced myself to get up and go to work and pretend that everything was okay, as I had done for years. I could honestly say that this time I felt like dying inside. In my heart, I cried out to God and begged Him to comfort me and speak to my heart.

After enduring a long grueling day, I actually gathered up the little strength that I had to go home and take care of my family and wait for them to go to bed so I could once again fall on my knees for a glimpse of God’s tender love and comfort.

After three hours of sobbing, and feeling more alone than ever, I just couldn’t take it anymore.  At this point, I started to feel angry with God because I would hold Him at His Word, that if we knocked, He would answer, yet still I would feel no divine touch from the Lord in my despair. I once again got up from the ground, turned off all the lights and headed for the hallway to my bedroom. Mid-way to the hallway, I heard a deep voice that startled me! The voice I heard said, ‘I AM!’  I felt paralyzed by this deep, yet gentle voice as I suddenly was stopped in my tracks. Then once again, I heard the voice, ‘I AM CONFIDENCE.’ That was the moment God spoke audibly to the core of my heart. It was as if the voice brought healing to every part of my anguish and that was the moment my torment stopped. This was the defining moment when my desperation met the destiny God had for me and changed my life forever.

Then a deep hunger for meaning and purpose birthed inside of me. It was like I opened a door that had never been opened before; a door of curiosity and desire. This was a new paradigm shift for me. I began to see myself differently from for the very first time in a healthy way, a metanoia experience.

I soon realized that God had a divine plan for my life. My life now felt purposeful for the first time in my entire life, realizing that my life was being transformed into the person that I was created to be. Everything began to look different around me. I began to see the beauty in people, nature, and life. Wow! I am so thankful that I never gave up on God, even when I wanted to. I now realize that He needed to do a mighty work in me in order to fulfill all that He had in store for me.

“Life for me wasn’t perfect after my encounter with God. The key to my walk with God is complete surrender to His perfect will, even when it doesn’t make sense at all. We must stay the course and anchor in to His perfect love and will.

“I am also amazed how He can turn our weakness into strength. My feelings of insecurity and loneliness from the past, He is now using to transform other women’s lives, so they can know their worth and change their own lives and their communities. Destiny Women Global has been created from a vision that God has given me.  And it has already become transformational to many women through workshops, coaching and events that is provided through Destiny Women Global. I never in a million years thought I would ever do anything of significance. My life still comes with many challenges; however, nonetheless it is fulfilled and abundant

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