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I am thrilled to share with you the upcoming book of Hope Stories. It will have no phony baloney true life stories that will encourage and inspire you. I, personally have been touched by how God helps pull each of us through our trials and want to share these stories, so that others can claim victory and triumph and live an abundant life, too!

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Submit your God story and you will have a chance to have your story entered in Barb’s blog or possibly have your story included in the Hope stories book.…or even better yet, have an opportunity to be interviewed on The Barb Marshall Show.

And there is more from my excitement; I know these true-life stories will help you in your daily living.

I was inspired when I heard my dear friend, Linda Olson’s story and I know you will be touched too.

When Hope Seems Impossible

By Linda A. Olson

Have you noticed how your past follows you wherever you go? No matter how far away you move, somehow you run into someone or something that reminds you of the very person or situation you were trying to escape.

When I was fourteen years old, a tractor accident took the life of my precious, kum-by-yah singing two-year-old brother.

I was driving the tractor. Needless to say, a huge load of guilt fell on me that day.  I had not only crushed my brother, I had crushed my parents, my siblings, my friends, my extended family and, I thought, my own future. How could I go from facing the darkest day of my life—barely able to breathe because of the horror and grief—to living again, even thriving some day? Was it even possible?

The morning after the accident, my Dad came to my bedroom door and said in his deep baritone, “You’ve got to get up. We have to keep going.”

Everything inside me screamed, “Why? Why should I get up?” Staying in bed was simply much easier than facing another sunrise. But I knew that rolling over and burying my tear-stained face in my pillow really wasn’t an option. Somehow, deep within me, I had to find the courage to crawl out of bed. And I did. That was my first step.

Like you, most days I didn’t even think about crawling out of bed, I just did it. But on this particular day, getting out of bed was the biggest step I took.

And every day after that I had a choice. Sometimes the choices were minute, itty-bitty decisions like, Shall I eat one helping of oatmeal or two? But ultimately, the small decisions led to bigger decisions. And those decisions about my everyday world—those that seemed impossible immediately after Billy’s death—eventually gave way to deeper decisions.

Growing up as an ordinary farm girl struggling to find my identity, I often wondered how courageous I really was down deep inside. After the accident, I asked the same questions that others ask when tragedy hits: What do you do when you are barely hanging on? How can a loving God let this happen? What do you do when God is silent? Eventually, a newborn courage grew within me. My faith took on new strength as I moved through every day—some days running, other days crawling. I persevered and eventually discovered some extraordinary answers that have become cherished treasures in my journey.

I think of the question that started me on my journey so many years ago. Why was I the one on the tractor that killed my little brother? I am beyond thrilled to tell you that, forty-four years after the accident, I received my answer. It was unexpected but most definitely heaven sent. What was even a bigger surprise was what I experienced on the forty-fifth anniversary of the accident. From then on I could celebrate little Billy’s life for I had come to complete healing.

My book, His Ways are Higher: One Woman’s Journey of Self-forgiveness Against Unbeatable Odds is the story of my 45-year journey from barely surviving to abundant thriving. You will find both of these resources at

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  1. What a heart-rending event – and yet God has the power, as demonstrated, to make good come from it. Praise Him for His knowledge and ability to change something so painful for good. The book sounds fascinating!

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