Life can be an AMAZING JOURNEY


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Life can be an AMAZING JOURNEY

My heart was touched when Mark Tilton from the Jesus Film Project shared his story with me; how he had it all and gave it up to have something even better. Mark is one of the most caring and genuine people I have ever met.  He serves as the director of partnership development at Jesus Film Harvest Partners. Mark’s story is real authentic and no phony baloney.

From Abundant Rich Poverty to Prosperity

By Mark Tilton

“Popular culture says to work hard, make as much money as you can and you will find happiness.” The problem was that the harder I worked and more money I made, I seemed to find less happiness. I lived in a world of extreme competition and was encouraged to do anything to win. Yes, when we did win, it was exciting and the money was over the top but in my heart I was lost…wondering, ‘is this all there is?’

“I had no backup plan for my life. I remember asking myself, ‘How am I going to be able to do this for another 20 years?’ I was being driven by fear. My relationship with my wife, Cindy, was not going so well and we both knew it. We had everything on the surface, nice cars, house and money, but our life’s foundation was crumbling.

Cindy began attending church and would come home with stories of what she heard. She kept inviting me to join her, saying that I would like the pastor and finally said, ‘…and they have free donuts.’  I found that humorous enough to say, ‘OK, I’ll join you and check it out.’

“I started to attend church and each week something spoke to me. I started to realize that perhaps I wasn’t the only person in the world living a life driven by fear and that perhaps there was something, or someone greater than me that I could depend on to guide my life forward.

“We decided to join a mission team to go to Northern Arizona. This experience was a life-changer. I had never experienced something so meaningful and powerful. Hearing the stories of these young Indian children and what people had done to them brought tears to my eyes. How could that happen…but it did. Within a very short amount of time, you could see hope and trust begin to come back into their faces as they were cared for by people who loved them…unconditionally.

“I remember saying that if this is the kind of unconditional love that Jesus came to teach us, than I want to know about this Jesus. I had never experienced something like this before. Something in me changed…I could feel it. My fear began to diminish and I somehow had a sense of hope that life might just have a purpose.  I remember that experience like it was yesterday and can pinpoint that trip was the beginning of a new life for me.

“It was after leading several mission trips to Costa Rica that both Cindy and I realized that God was definitely calling us to something else. In July of 2015 I decided to join JESUS Film Harvest Partners, a ministry that used the Jesus Film to share the love of Jesus to the world. Over the last 20 years, we have shown the film to over 70 million people and have seen 14 million people make a decision to follow Jesus in their lives.

“I learn something each day about trusting my life to God. He provides for me and continues to show me that life can be an amazing journey, filled with adventure, joy and purpose. I only have to surrender my life to Jesus to be able experience it.”

Watch Barbs interview with Mark.

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  • What an amazing Testimony. Thank you, Mark for sharing your story. It touched my heart that you and your wife went to Arizona to minister to The Native American Community and that He is using you both to extend His Mighty Right Hand to give hope to the brokenhearted. Thank you again.

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