Fredric Almond

Can you forgive the man who killed your mother and tried to kill you? We all have scars but it is how we react that is important. My friend Fredric Almond’s life story gives me the chills every time. How do you forgive and not be a prisoner to the killer of your mother but choose to go God’s way.

Stabbed 39 Times

Fredric Almondby Fredric Almond

At a local church In South Central, LA, I was sitting in a pew very fidgety. My hands began to sweat. I continued to stare as others stood with their hands lifted up. The people were expressing their gratitude for the Lord. The more intensified it became, it felt like a beam of light shining on my forehead. It was as if I knew what I needed to do, but I was nervous. I hesitated but eventually, I ended up in the middle aisle and headed toward the altar to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior. The preacher asked me to repeat the words of repentance, forgiveness, and acceptance. And then I was saved (Romans 10:9-10). I was so excited by my decision. Jesus now lived within.

The following week, on Labor Day weekend, we had a picnic with all of the family. This was the best time of the summer before school started back. Also, I was about to adventure into Junior High School. That night, before the first day of school, I laid in bed thinking about all the festivities while looking forward to the new experiences being at a new school. Eventually, I fell sound asleep with a smile on my face.

Suddenly, I heard my mother screaming. I jumped up and ran in her room and saw a man of slender build, towering over her in the dark with a knife in his hand. Immediately, I said, “Jesus!” and he turned around and start chasing after me. My mother ran behind him and attacked him. He turned around, leaving me and assaulted her again. I ran and ended up in my bedroom closet. I didn’t know what to do. The first thought that came to mind was to pray. I yelled out several times, “Jesus, help me, Jesus, help me! I don’t want to die, I want to live!”

Within those five to ten minutes of prayer, I continuously heard my mother screaming while trying to defend herself. During all the commotion, a calm peace came upon me and I thought to get help. So I snuck down the hallway, noticed the phone on the floor and start dialing for help but there was no dial tone. I caught the burglar’s attention and he charged after me with his knife, threw me down and started stabbing me. He stabbed me in the face, back, neck, arm and foot. My mother being wounded, staggered after him in my defense. He threw her down and stabbed her until she was dead.

I was lying on the floor across from my mother while losing blood and staring at her from across the living room. It seemed surreal as if it was a movie or a bad dream but this was my reality. I start falling asleep but in actuality I was slowly dying. All of a sudden an audible voice said, “Get up and go get help!” Instantly, I had enough strength to get up and walk. Then the voice said, “Don’t go over by your mother! Go get help!”  The voice guided me toward neighbors on the same block. They immediately called in the emergency.

I was rushed to the hospital and straight into surgery. Several hours later, I woke up in ICU with tubes and bandages all over my body. The severity of the incident was very traumatic. Many medical staff was hoping that I survived but felt that I was going to fade away within a couple of hours. At the age of eleven I was stabbed thirty-nine times and was diagnosed not to ever walk or speak again.

I was so close to death, but God had a purpose for me. But in order for me to overcome this tragedy, I had to believe within my actions. The more I trusted God, miraculous healings began to take place that caused medical staff and family members to be in awe. It wasn’t easy but God was healing me.

After the hospital experience, I battled within and had many bitters and fear. Therefore I retaliated toward God, family members and mentally abused my own self with negative words. When I started going back to school, kids would ridicule me because of my scars. I felt insignificant not knowing how to fight back. Eventually, I built a mental wall refusing to let anyone know what I was going through.

At the age of sixteen, I became tired of life and was ready to run away. While at school contemplating my next move, I got into a fight. Faculty discussed expelling me from the school district and sending me to juvenile detention. The outcome of what was about to happen was looking bad. Why me? Why did I have to suffer all of this? I was looking for help in all the wrong places.

My Aunt was scared of the possible outcome and felt I needed to get away. She decided that I should go live with my older brother who was in the US Army. Change for the better started to occur because I was in a different environment. A significant transformation occurred when I began attending church. Soon after I accepted Jesus Christ back into my heart.

God began to put the broken pieces of my heart back together again. Moreover, my obedience was a major factor in the healing process. As I followed his leading, I was able to face my scars. What may seem to be impossible at one time, God made it possible. (Luke 18:27) Through this great success, I now can say, “I forgive the man that killed my mother and stabbed me thirty-nine times.” I now live with a conviction for life. My freedom came when I accepted Christ and followed his leading. If God can heal me, he can do the same for you. Don’t lose hope! God is able to change a horrific situation into a blessing. Today, go to God and allow him to fix it.

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