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Turn Your Trial into Triumph

When I heard my secretary’s, Kathlene Prosser’s, “real deal” story it was inspiring. You, too, can have an opportunity to let go of the shame, pain or guilt of your past. If you are touched by her story, please comment below or let us pray for you. Call our toll-free number: 855-515-5550

Second Chances

by Kathlene Prosser

The last thing I remember was going into a private room and laying on a table waiting for a doctor to come in and abort the life that I was pressured to give up. When I woke up at 3 am to a beautiful view of a city full of lights and a kind gentle face looking at me with sincerity and holding my hand and he said, “We didn’t think you were going to make it.” I tried to sit up and realized I was in great pain. The surgeon looked at me and with a sweet voice explained that I was in the I.C.U. at the city hospital.  He proceeded to explain that the doctor who performed the abortion had lacerated my intestines and perforated my uterus.

In confusion, I looked around for my boyfriend and within minutes found that he left me at the hospital and went home.  Hurt and feeling abandoned I looked at my stomach where the pain was and there was a zipper of staples all down my stomach and a funny looking bag attached to my lower left abdomen.  The surgeon said “that is a colostomy.” Then he encouraged me to get some rest and he would visit the next day when he would do his rounds.

The next day a team of interns and the surgeon came to check on me and pursued to tell me details of what had taken place. To make a long story short, the colostomy was only temporary and that I would get a reversal in three months. My stay at the hospital was for six days, only because I made myself get up and walk the distance required for me to be able to go home. It wasn’t easy, but quickly found that prolonged hospital stays are not very comfortable.

Then the weeks following for recovery required a nurse to come to my house and assist me with colostomy care. The reversal was a success and my doctor appointments to the city were less and less. My final check-up was a team of compassionate interns along with the surgeon.  With a shy voice, I asked if it was possible to have children. And one of the interns words were “no, it would take a miracle.” Because of all the scar tissue it would cause too many problems. Those words of “it would take a miracle” satisfied me more than them saying it would cause too many problems.

A couple of years later, while working for a corporate company, an East-Indian Christian woman with beautiful green eyes, kept asking me to come to her church. And I kept giving her excuses.  I didn’t even know this lady, but there was something about her that captivated me and finally I agreed to go with her.

That following Sunday was the turning point of my life. As the pastor invited people to come to the Alter, I felt compelled to go forward. He laid hands on me and the cleansing power of the Holy Spirit was so supernatural that I shed waterfalls of tears that morning and ever since then all I wanted was more of Him.

As my walk with Jesus began to flourish, every now and then the Holy Spirit would whisper the promises of God’s Word.

One morning I was feeling frustrated, sad and empty inside because I noticed that people with children had such joy and a greater purpose in life. As I was tormenting myself with these thoughts, the Holy Spirit said “read Genesis 17”. While reading as He prompted me, it sparked something inside of my heart when I came to the part about God promising Abraham and Sarah a child in their old age.  When I attended church that morning, the sermon was about the promises God kept to Abraham and Sarah. After I heard that message and experienced an unforgettable morning, my head rose up and my heart rejoiced and was one very happy lamb for Jesus.

More years had gone by and as Jesus grasped my attention through prayer, fellowship and ministering, my faith in Him increased. Even the times that He called me to Forgive all who had hurt me, including myself, became easier because I knew that trusting in Him was the most important. And what I mean is when “He says to Forgive” all who have done wrong to you, is so you can be set free from misery and self-condemnation.

He can do more miracles in your life, especially when you give Him your wounded heart, so you can experience the wondrous joys of His free gift of life.

In January 2012 while sitting at home all of sudden certain smells and any type of sway movement made me feel queasy.  My thoughts flew through the roof and to Heaven and back. “Could it be?!” “Oh my goodness!” I went straight down to the store where I remember seeing pregnancy tests dangling next to the cash register. Walked home very fast and took the test. Minutes later, there it was, the positive sign. My emotions were everywhere. After that day, I took another test and went to a clinic where they offered free ultra sounds and there my little girl was on a big screen and doing somersaults and leaping in my womb.  I wept with great joy and my thanksgiving to Christ has been unstoppable.

At the age of thirty-eight on October 8, 2012 was born another one of God’s precious miracles. She and Jesus have completely changed my heart and my life forever.

Our Lord and Savior, sees through our pain, especially when all we see is our own negative past, that blinds us and keeps us from enjoying what Life is really about. Let Jesus in your heart and life and He will help you forgive yourself and those who caused you pain so you can live a guilt and shameless free life.

Gods’ gifts and rewards are bigger than we could ever imagine or dream!

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