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Forgiveness: Renew Your Mind

You are in a battle and it’s time to fight to win. IT is time to take charge and to transform into a life full of God’s peace.

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.”

— Romans 12:2

It is the condition of the heart that makes an impact on what thoughts are allowed to come in or are commanded to leave. It is like saying I am going on a diet, and then you fail the next day because in your heart you have already decided you are going to blow it. To renew your heart takes action, determination and responsibility.

You are in a battle, you can win and live in victory.

How do you renew your mind? First you need to know that renewing your mind is a command. God does His part, you need to do yours. It is like telling a child to do the homework assignment. You do not want to do it for them they need to do it; to grow and learn. God is saying to you; “Do your part in renewing your mind, I have done my part.”


  • Renew your mind by spending time with God daily In His presence and in His Word.
  • Read at least a chapter out of the Bible daily, get familiar with God’s Word. It is life giving.
  • Start listening to God as if He is real and expect an answer. (Do not give up, the answer will come).
  • When darkness comes into your heart, repent and let go of it. The sooner the better.
  • Ask God to see what is in your heart through HIS eyes. (This enables you to start hearing and seeing what God is saying about the matter.)

These tips are not just a prayer routine, but a true seeking of His Will for your life and opening your ears to listen to His voice. This will help you to see where the root of your problem lies.  It transforms you into a free man/or woman instead of a slave to bitterness. It will transform your mind and enable you to say NO to the thoughts of the enemy and be transformed to the peace that surpasses all understanding. Remember to always guard your heart in Christ Jesus.

When I forgave it changed everything, watch my story


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