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“The truth is thousands of people are leaving the church every day – they’ve been de-churched. Our heart burns for these who’ve been hurt rather than received. We know it’s a complex problem. We’re not sugar-coating that. What we know is people need to know they belong and will be loved and accepted, rather than judged, as they maneuver through the very real challenges of life. They need to be able to come as they are and experience something real from people who really care. That’s why BarbTV exists. We’re here to bring hope to desperate, hurting people who need to experience a very real Jesus in the midst of their storm.”

— Barbara Marshall


“As an Evangelist, television host, and producer of Christian television programs, I want to share with you my experience with Barbara Marshall. A friend brought her to us to be a guest on our TV show. I interviewed her and knew when she shared her testimony God was going to use her in Television. We then filmed a thirty minute program of her teaching and and it touched so many across America we sent it to Uganda E. Africa to air on Lighthouse Television with our show. God has called her to not only reach local markets with her television show but to expand it across America. I sent a pilot show to “World Harvest Television Network” and It was approved to air nationally on Direct TV and Dish Network. Barbara is a woman of integrity and her ministry is done with excellence. I am pleased with the work she has done to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to call her our friend.”

— Tommy Thomas