Dressed for Success: Armor of God

Barb Marshall: Your Real Deal Christian Mentor


Earlier this year I had a vision. I saw a friend kneeled down facing in one direction. Behind him, there was a female lion crouching in attack position. The lion did not move and was very still, waiting for the perfect moment to steal, kill and destroy. Later, I found out that this middle-aged man was very discouraged and emotionally beat up by people in his past and presently in his own church so much it brought much insecurity causing him to function in defeat instead of victory.

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The devil’s strategies are deceiving and often hard to recognize for what they are. But there is hope, the closer you are in God’s presence the easier you will see truth.


Judas had greed in his heart by stealing money out of the treasure box but the other disciples were oblivious the ministry was being robbed. When JESUS said one of their own was going to betray HIM, the disciples responded: “Is it I?” Even when Judas left, the disciples couldn’t quite believe the treachery of Judas.

The enemy is smart, clever, and deceiving. Satan knows when to hit you often at your weakest moment. Many have been reared to be numb and accept their circumstances. But it is time to get angry with Satan and become aware of the schemes he has against you. In the example of Job, we see how Satan went to God and asked permission to destroy Job. God only allowed Satan to harm Job to a certain point. However, God used Job’s faithfulness to God as an example for good, enabling his friends to get to know the real God.

The devil is at war with you and many people are not aware of the lion (Satan) that is lurking behind them ready to grab any opportunity to steal, kill and destroy. It is so important that you start to fight by dressing for success in the armor of GOD.


Life Changing Tip

Commit to spending time in God’s presence each day. The result will be peace manifested in you. You will begin to recognize and see what is truly taking place in your life, and you will respond differently than usual. 

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