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We Believe God Wants You to Live An Abundant Life, One Full of Hope

Barb and her incredible guests share stories and words of encouragement each week of hope, love, joy and faith. Her television show will inspire you to love your life through a close relationship with God and His Word. All of our recent shows can be found right here or on Youtube.

Our Viewership Now Exceeds 1,750,000

You will find a variety of guests with thought provoking testimonies and stories that will amaze and inspire, make you laugh and sometimes cry. It’s our goal to bring true stories of people who have triumphed.

“Every story can pierce the heart and it’s our goal to get you closer to the heart of the real Jesus.”

Love Your Life Ministries

WELCOME . . .What We’re About

Welcome to Love Your Life Ministries & The Barb Marshall Show! We are a dynamic group of believers in Christ determined to turn this world back to Jesus; back to not just living life, but thriving in it; back to loving our lives. Our ministries provide hope, encouragement and inspiration through our television show, books, events and speaking. Regardless of where a person is or has been there, (trust us we’ve seen and heard it all) there is a God bigger than any tragedy or circumstance.

This Is How We Bring Hope 

TV Show.  Events.  Products. Speaking.


Welcome . . .

I’m Barbara Marshall, the host of the Barb Marshall Show & the Founder of Love Your Life Ministries. I’m so grateful you’re here.