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Ransomed: Loving Yourself From The Inside Out by Barbara T. Marshall

“Ransomed sets a sensitive but wise path, and will challenge each reader to see themselves not as they imagine, but in the very light of God’s love.” — Paula Kelley, Precepts Bible Study Leader

If you struggle with feelings of inadequacy, emotional wounds, hidden pain, or just playing the comparison game with other women, this book is for you. Ransomed will help you learn to become confident with who you are and what you look like, both inside and out. Unveil the incredible woman God created you to be! Then you will be able to truly love yourself and thrive as a beautiful woman.

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Ransomed (Study Guide)

-Study Guide-

Are you thriving as the incredible woman God created you to be or are you “stuck” in the mud of life? Perhaps it is because of your circumstance, regret for past decision and choices, emotional wounds, hidden pain or just an inability to see a purpose greater than today. With the help of this Study Guide and its companion book RANSOMED: Loving Yourself from the Inside Out, Barbara desired to catch a vision for your life, to see how valuable you are to God and those around you.

Study Guide Includes:
14-Chapter Study, thought provoking questions, powerful commentary and wide margins for notes.

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Ransomed (book bundle)

-Includes Book & Guide-

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