Who Are We And What Are We About?

BarbTV is the real deal: real people, real stories, real pain, and real faith. 

We are real, and we want to help you! Check out our resources below, and make sure to keep up with the latest episodes on YouTube and through your local TV station!

Take The First Step To JOY!

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The first step is declaring yourself for Jesus Christ and committing yourself to Him. He wants to carry your burdens so you can live your life with joy and peace, the way He created you to live it!

Words Have POWER!!!

We know it’s hard: we’ve been there.  Every episode is designed to bring you hope and encouragement.

How are you being held back? Are you ready to step forward? 


Everything we do is for you, and to help you discover the life you were created to LOVE. 

We appreciate your support, whether it’s prayer, donations, or contributions through programs Amazon Smile and S.HA.R.E.S.