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Usage of The Real Deal with Barb Marshall Episodes

The information contained in all episodes of The Real Deal with Barb Marshall are confidential and proprietary to Love Your Life Ministries under Thriving in Christ Ministries 501(c)3, and its affiliates and should not be copied, used or shared with any third parties without the express written permission of Love Your Life Ministries.

Limited Distribution Rights may be purchased within the restrictions below:

  1. 1. It is prohibited to make changes or alter the content of the episode(s) for which you’ve purchased limited distribution rights. 
  2. 2. It is prohibited to remove references to Love Your Life Ministries, Thriving in Christ Ministries, BarbTV, respective phone numbers, websites, and contact information, and other such references, including logos and copyrights.
  3. 3. It is prohibited to use the episode(s) in a way that hinders the reputation of Barb Marshall, BarbTV, Thriving in Christ Ministries, and its affiliates.
  4. 4. A written agreement must be in place with Love Your Life Ministries before any content is used, edited or altered in any way, shape, or form.
  5. 5. No episode may be uploaded to a personal social media page at any time. You may, however share the links from Barb’s pages.
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In the event that any of these restrictions are breached, it is considered a criminal offense. Such a crime will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of California state law as it related to criminal actions and state sanctions according to this law. Not following the above guidelines is a crime against content protected by copyright laws of California.


Limited Distribution Rights – Only $97 per episode.

To purchase the Limited Distribution Rights for an episode, click the PayPal link below. In the Notes section, identify the desired episode number along with the episode format (DVD or digital copy). 

A document will be provided to the PayPal email address for signature. Once the form is signed and returned, the episode will be sent in the requested format. 

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We are happy to offer the Limited Distribution Rights for your episode at the discounted rate of $50 up through the day of filming. 

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