HE Did What?!!!


When life deals you a hefty blow or when you find yourself searching for answers.

Believers and unbelievers, alike find themselves turning to God.

He Did What?!!! is about how to overcome. You will read about real struggles and real solutions from people that have been there. No matter the issue, hearing from others who have gone through it before, helps!  

You are not alone.

We have been there.

There are answers.

We want to bring you courage, hope and inspiration! Through examples we desire to empower you! To help you learn to trust in a power that is higher and greater, and develop in you a stronger faith, believing God will always help you through even what seems impossible.

These short stories are written by real men and women who personally share how they dealt with some of life’s biggest issues! These people tell how God intervened while they were in the darkest part of their lives. Sometimes, only when we are broken and laying flat on the ground are we then able to look up!

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