You Are Not Alone

Feeling broken-hearted, stressed, afraid, and out-of-control? You are not the only one. 

Many people are affected by these issues. But if these problems are common, what’s the solution? How do you break free and truly live again?

There is HOPE! You can have PEACE, FREEDOM, LOVE, and JOY! God wants to help you: He’s helped so many others and He’s desperate to do the same for you, too. 

Our guests have lived through what you are dealing with today, and they have discovered all they can have when embracing life with God!

The hope we bring, and the truth we share, is yours to claim!






Mission Statement

Bring real solutions to real problems. 

Vision Statement

The vision of BarbTV and Love Your Life Ministries is to share Jesus’ healing touch with the brokenhearted, stressed, afraid, struggling, and sick through our resources, personal stories, prayers, and biblical messages to equip others to hear His voice. 


We are here because of YOUR HELP. Your support allows us continue our mission for Him!

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